Documents translated from English to Spanish and vice versa by native Spanish speakers, not a computer program or someone who isn’t familiar with nuances and the different meanings a non-native Spanish speaker could miss.

The primary native language spoken by those served by the Community Education Project is Spanish. CEP is located in Holyoke Massachusetts. Holyoke has the largest Puerto Rican population, per capita, of any city in the United States outside Puerto Rico, By translating documents from English to Spanish and vice versa, we are helping to ensure equal access to information for the broader Spanish speaking population. CEP offers an affordable Spanish-language document translation service, with a particular focus on fellow nonprofit and educational organizations, many of whom have found it hard to secure effective, regulatory compliant translation services at a reasonable price, Our staff has a deep understanding of public service organizational needs which allows us to fully recognize the nuances of professional documents in the nonprofit sector. We’re delighted to offer this capability as a paid service for nonprofits, educational institutions, and companies in our community.

All proceeds generated through CEP’s document translation services go directly to funding our mission of fighting for a better education and the future of our community. Your choice to let CEP meet your translation needs helps us continue our work toward social an economic justice by providing free access to education, English language classes, and support/resources for adult learners to experience success in college, living wage sustaining careers, and beyond. Save time & money while helping us continue our work toward social and economic justice. To learn more about the organization you are supporting through your choice to have us translate your documents visit www.cepholyoke.org.